Help us ban calf roping in 2021

Animal Liberation Qld reveals what really happens to rodeo animals.

It’s 2021 and Queensland Minister for Agriculture Mark Furner has still not announced any decision as to whether the rodeo event of calf roping will be made illegal or whether there’ll even be any public consultation.

He’s stated that progressing the Draft Qld Rodeo Standards & Guidelines (developed in 2019) is a priority this year but has provided no further details. He and his department are fully aware of how much public opposition there is to calf roping. We have been told it’s one of the top 2 issues they receive correspondence on.

We think it’s now time the Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was left in no doubt that people want to see this rodeo event gone! She needs to understand that calves being cruelly roped, slammed down and hog-tied is no longer seen by a majority of Queenslanders as an appropriate sport or entertainment.

The policy position of all five animal protection groups involved in the development of the draft Qld Rodeo Standards & Guidelines (ALQ, Animals Australia, RSPCA Qld, Australian Veterinary Association, Animal Welfare League Qld) is that calf roping needs to be banned, so we remain hopeful the Qld Government will ultimately recognise that a higher standard of welfare for calves is warranted.


Please once again remind the Qld Government that this issue matters to you and you want to see a ban in 2021.

1. Email the Queensland Premier via our email form below to ask her to support a ban on calf roping in 2021.

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Background to this campaign: It’s important to state that rodeos can never be humane and no animal should be made to feel fear, pain and distress in the name of entertainment. That is why ALQ’s firm position is to advocate for a total ban. However, the reality is that Queensland rodeos aren’t going to disappear overnight. The state government even financially supports them. So we have chosen to campaign especially hard in recent years to get rid of calf roping, recognised both within and outside the rodeo industry as the worst event. Our campaign has been noticed over time and we have a real chance of success.

Take action to ban calf roping cruelty

You can help make a calf roping ban a reality

Tell the Queensland Premier that you are concerned about rodeo cruelty. Ask her to take urgent action to ban calf roping at rodeos. For maximum impact, please put into your own words.

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Help animals in rodeos by spreading the word

Now is the right time for compassionate Queenslanders to stand up and voice their opposition to rodeos. To say ‘no way’ to an out-dated, nasty form of entertainment that should be rejected by a decent society.

In 2016, we at Animal Liberation Qld renewed our commitment to giving exploited rodeo animals a voice and will continue to do so.

Your donation to Animal Liberation Qld will help us fund our important investigative work. Investigations provide the evidence to help change hearts and minds and achieve positive change for the animals. Your donation will enable us to undertake a greater number of investigations in this very large state of ours.

As a not-for-profit group your donation is warmly welcomed and will be wisely used. We promise we will continue to work hard to achieve a much brighter future for the unhappy and exploited animals of Queensland.

Thank you for any donation you can give, large or small. Every donation is sincerely appreciated.