Not everyone
is having fun
at rodeos

Animal Liberation Qld reveals what really happens to rodeo animals.

Calves cruelly roped, slammed down and hog-tied; steers’ necks twisted at sickening angles; bulls and horses teased, forced to buck and at risk of injury.

Rodeos, sadly, aren’t going to disappear overnight.  But getting rid of the worst rodeo event will be a much-needed start.  Grown men scaring and hurting baby animals is simply wrong.  Calf roping, the cruellest event of them all, just has to go.

Take action to ban calf roping cruelty

Help Animal Liberation Qld and RSPCA Qld achieve a ban on calf roping

Tell your State MP you want to ban the cruel rodeo event of calf roping. Ask them to take urgent action to end roping and tying young vulnerable animals at Queensland rodeos.
We’ll attach powerful evidence to help convince them that this is the right course of action, and a copy will be sent to the peak rodeo bodies.

If multiple electorates are listed, go here to find your electorate.
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Help animals in rodeos by spreading the word

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Now is the right time for compassionate Queenslanders to stand up and voice their opposition to rodeos. To say ‘no way’ to an out-dated, nasty form of entertainment that should be rejected by a decent society.

In 2016, we at Animal Liberation Qld have renewed our commitment to giving exploited rodeo animals a voice.

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