Tell Queensland's Tourism Minister cruelty is not "great"

Previous Queensland Tourism Minister Kate Jones attended the 2018 Mount Isa Rodeo on the same day that a horse and a steer died there from their terrible injuries. In her speech on the evening of August 10, she said the rodeo was a celebration of ‘what is so great about the outback’.

ALQ volunteers who witnessed the deaths that day could not, of course, disagree more strongly. They were there for far longer than her brief appearance – 3 whole days in fact – and along with the deaths, they filmed multiple injuries, falls, and a great deal of distress.

ALQ’s video shows just a small sample of the animal suffering and mistreatment that occurred at the 2018 Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo.

Mount Isa Rodeo has achieved 'major event status' in Queensland and receives government funding as a result.

If you don’t want taxpayer dollars supporting cruelty to animals, please send the Minister a polite email outlining what’s wrong with rodeos. Urge them and the state government to rethink their support of rodeos. Use the form below, ideally edited so it's in your own words, or email the Minister directly via: – and please forward any replies you receive to

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Take Action Now!

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