29 July 2019

Tragically, two animals lost their lives at Saturday's Quamby rodeo.

During a bucking event in the morning a horse suffered a broken leg and was subsequently killed on site and taken away in a front end loader.

Broken leg

Queensland Tourism Minister Kate Jones attended the 2018 Mount Isa Rodeo on the same day that a horse and a steer died there from their terrible injuries. In her speech on the evening of August 10, she said the rodeo was a celebration of ‘what is so great about the outback’.

Calf roping is the cruellest rodeo sport and our first billboard design, using images from a Qld rodeo, was even judged too violent to be shown. But it’s the sport itself that is too violent! It’s definitely time to ban calf roping in Qld, just like it is in Victoria and South Australia. Please take action by using our easy template to send a message to the Qld Government that you want it banned too.