Horse and bull die at Quamby Rodeo 2019

29 July 2019

Tragically, two animals lost their lives at Saturday's Quamby rodeo.

During a bucking event in the morning a horse suffered a broken leg and was subsequently killed on site and taken away in a front end loader.

That afternoon a bull broke at least one leg during the open bull riding. He was dragged to the ground whilst struggling. Banners were erected to attempt to shield the suffering bull from public view. He was seen to suffer for up to ten minutes. Organisers ran egg-throwing games in the arena to distract the crowd while the bull was being killed and taken out of the arena.

We've now witnessed 8 confirmed rodeo deaths since March last year, just from the rodeos we've attended, and many more serious injuries. Who knows how many injuries and deaths like this take place but go unreported at the hundreds of rodeos that take place around the state every year. Currently, there is no requirement to have vets on-site for these events and there is no register of injuries kept.