Government Refusing Public Consultation
on Calf Roping's Future

Let's keep fighting to ban calf roping in Qld!

As we near the end of 2021, it’s been two years now since the draft Qld Rodeo Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs) were developed. Two years in which the Qld Agriculture Minister Mark Furner has not yet revealed his decision on the fate of the dreadful calf roping (rope and tie) event.

We still don’t know if he’s listened to the more than 100 000 people who have consistently and loudly called for a ban on the event over the past 5 years. We still don’t know if he’s taken notice of the unanimous call for a prohibition from the five animal advocacy groups involved in the S&Gs process.

What we do know, however, is that there will be no official Public Consultation phase before the S&Gs are introduced into Parliament and become mandatory Regulations. Despite the huge public interest, you the public are being denied an opportunity to have your formal say on the matter of a calf roping prohibition. This is extremely disappointing.

At the beginning of the year, Minister Furner said finalising the S&Gs was a priority. Because no information on timelines is made available, it’s possible that time is running out for concerned Queenslanders to have a final say.

So we are asking you now, as we await the Qld Government’s long-delayed decision on calf roping, to please speak up once more on behalf of these vulnerable calves, so horribly exploited just for ‘sport’.

The state government’s frequent claims of a high standard of animal welfare will be absolutely laughable if calf roping is allowed to continue, despite all the evidence provided of its harm.


Take action to ban calf roping cruelty

You can help make a calf roping ban a reality

Tell your MP (or the Premier if you are outside Queensland) that you are concerned about rodeo cruelty. Ask her to take urgent action to ban calf roping at rodeos. For maximum impact, please put into your own words.

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Help animals in rodeos by spreading the word

Now is the right time for compassionate Queenslanders to stand up and voice their opposition to rodeos. To say ‘no way’ to an out-dated, nasty form of entertainment that should be rejected by a decent society.

In 2016, we at Animal Liberation Qld renewed our commitment to giving exploited rodeo animals a voice and will continue to do so.

It’s important to state that rodeos can never be humane and no animal should be made to feel fear, pain and distress in the name of entertainment. That is why ALQ’s firm position is to advocate for a total ban. However, the reality is that Queensland rodeos aren’t going to disappear overnight. The state government even financially supports them. So we have chosen to campaign especially hard in recent years to get rid of calf roping, recognised both within and outside the rodeo industry as the worst event.

Your donation to Animal Liberation Qld will help us fund our important investigative work. Investigations provide the evidence to help change hearts and minds and achieve positive change for the animals. Your donation will enable us to undertake a greater number of investigations in this very large state of ours.

As a not-for-profit group your donation is warmly welcomed and will be wisely used. We promise we will continue to work hard to achieve a much brighter future for the unhappy and exploited animals of Queensland.

Thank you for any donation you can give, large or small. Every donation is sincerely appreciated.